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Item Location Help Answers
Warsworn Piece Set? I forgott where I sold it? 0
Where can I find foreign nature? 0
Armor and Weapons? 4
Crafting weapons? 1
Does anyone know the potion recipe to cure curses/diseases? 1
Flawless components from gems? 2
How do you get an ability component or gem that is not an epic gem to be used as a crafting component? 5
How to make Flawless Flame Grip/Rivets? 1
Is there a way to get Dren's longsword? 4
Keys? 3
No unique items anymore ? 2
What is in the chests inside Crowded Mind? 1
What use is the Darkvani treasure map? 1
What's the deal with these Items? 5
Where can I find (dye) for my crafting? 2
Where can I find 5 piece set that goes with the tinniat hauberk? 1
Where can I find a merchant with Great Robust Grip/Bindings and Greater Rigid Trim? 1
Where can I find Blacksmithing Supplies for sale? 4
Where can I find Helyc Crosses Armor? 2
Where can I find kerrod's full armor set and locations? 3
Where can I find master components? 6
Where can I find master or flawless rivets and bindings? 1
Where can I find mercenary's set? 3
Where can I find oristhimos (chakrams)? 3
Where can I find some expensive items? 4
Where can I find Spiritweave set of Armor? 1
Where can I find the arena key in the House of Valor? 2
Where can I find the best greatswords? 6
Where can I find the different armor? 2
Where can I find the dirge set? 3
Where can I find the key that opens the dispell chest in the shining labyrinth? 1
Where can I find the Motus mining days 1-24? 2
Where can I find the red robe from the back of the box? 1
Where can I find Weconai? 2
Where do i find the cermonial boot for the set? 2
Anyone Know what the name of this greatsword is? 6
Armor Stats +%? 1
Backpack Expansion? 2
Best weapon component? 8
Do plants grow back? 1
Do weapons benefit from multiple elements? 6
House Of Ballads Armor Set? 1
How can i get kellerac's sword? 4
How do I find the last lorestone in Gorguath? 1
How do you make? 1
How to craft Chakrams, Sceptres, and Mage Armor? 1
I can't find the mass effect promo items? 2
Lock and Key? 1
Lorestones? 1
Rusted Sword? 1
Shieldring Keep? 1
The Might/Finesse/Sorcery packs? 1
Trouble crafting chakrams? 1
Warsworn quest set? 2
Weapon and armor stats? 1
What can i do with stolen weapons and armor other than equip? 1
What does the Dilettante's items do? 1
Where can I buy Faeblades? 1
Where can I find backpacks? 2
Where can I find Blazing Salve Potions? 1
Where can I find more? 3
Where can I find the your deities choice pack ? 4
where can I store items? 6
WHERE is the first person i can sell stolen items to? 1
Why can't I do anything with it? 1

Other Help Answers
how do I complete house of sorriows when I have Taibrerah stuck in a ledge before the midden heap? 0
How do I use the sphere of protection? 0
I can't remove poison? 0
What is the best sorcerer build for endgame? 0
Any major glitches in KOA? 2
Best level to enter a 3-13 level area in order to get decent drops and not get killed?. 1
Can someone help in finding a skill trainer? 2
Can't find trainer? 3
Did they increase the level cap? 3
Do armour skill bonuses stack on fully upgraded skills? 3
Does anyone know if there are weapons above level 18? 2
Does this game have a multiplayer or splitscreen option? 3
How do I get into the house of valor after being lvl 40? 1
How do you get the glitch for Dead Kel fixed? 1
How many total skill point that I got? 2
How to use poison on weapons? 1
I bought the online pass bought cant access the house of valor? 1
In a crowded mind quest which is better fearlessness or disclpine? 1
Is there a reason to collect books? 2
Kellerac's sword info? 3
Skills past 10 glitch? (not abilities) 1
Stratagy Guides? 1
What are the xbox game controls? 2
Why is my hand glowing? 2
Will I gain more experience from playing on Hard difficulty? 1
Alchemy Guide? 1
Any secret quests/bosses? 3
Blacksmithing? 2
Can you get Married? 4
Can you have romances and/or marriages? 1
Can you salvage unique and set items? 2
Expanding the Stash? 1
Extra Skill Book (Dispelling) Found? 1
Fast Travel? 1
how do i get to Ysa? 1
How do I use two of the same ingredient in Alchemy? 1
How do skill trainers and points work? 1
Is it possible to upgrade everything? 1
Is this game good???????? 3
Level cap?????? 2
My face changed? 1
NPC Only Stuff? 1
Stash? 1
This game is too easy - where are the hard parts? 6
Weapons? 2
What are the black skulls with red circles around them on the right side of my screen? 6
Where is Corgan Hold? 1
Where is the house of sorrows? 3

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