Question from Timelord117

Where can I find Juggernauts helmet?

Where can I find Juggernaut's helmet inside Sandman's tornado?


thodose answered:

Its inside sandman as tornado form, i beleive you can get it the third time u fight em.
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MahaRudy answered:

I found it was easier to find the helmet right as the fight starts. Spider Sense may help you sort through the clutter, but I didn't end up using it. As soon as the fight begins, web zip like mad.
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theblkrifleguy answered:

I pretty much took my time with the fight to find it. Web zip at the beginning and use your grab on random objects. You'll find it eventually. But you have to actually GRAB it using the "B" button. If you spend all your time web-zipping around you'll never get it.
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TheDustBnnySlyr answered:

Something to keep in mind is that the longer the fight goes on, the greater the chance is of the helmet getting destroyed. As far as I could tell, it never respawned when I saw it get eaten by a Sandman head.
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