Question from yourartsybud

How do I beat Deadpool? (first fight)

I'm going CRAZY!!!! I can hit him some at first, but then after a few minutes, he just keeps teleporting to the same 3 spots and I can't even tough him. PLEASE HELP!!!! :/


Pego_tinn answered:

Lock onto him first. Then hit (B) to web to him easier. Soon as you do hit (X) to stop right in front of him then spam the (X)(X)(X)(X) or (Y)(Y)(X)(X) combo. You should be able to win now.
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TheDustBnnySlyr answered:

When you get to the point where the B button appears over his head, you need to be right next to him before you grab him. If you try to web-grab him, he teleports away. Having said that, you don't want to move on to the next phase of the fight before defeating all the fanboys that spawned. It's best to clear out all the trash before grabbing Deadpool and starting the fight with him up again.
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