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Asked: 4 years ago

can we play 4 players coop offline in one television in GEARS OF WAR 3??

I want to now if we can use all the caracters

Additional details - 4 years ago

I think that it should be that way

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From: shenron43 3 years ago

I have tried it and you're only allowed two people on one console at a time.

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The lead designer said that they are desiding whether or not they should make it like that.

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its a 30% for me becuse ven halo couldnt do 4 player co-op in one screen
so im also thinking Gow3 might be the first one to do that

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I don't think so. The screen will be way way way too crowded. It's not a first person shooter game, so it'll be very difficult.

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I am pretty sure it will be

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No it will be two player split screen and 4 player system link or online coop

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Its only 2 players per screen

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too crowded? I used to play FPS on a 27" CRT TV with 4 player split screen. Now with 60" tv's this should be way easier.

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