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Can we choose a different character in gears of war 3 campaign mode?

Could we like choose different characters in the Gears of War 3 campaign mode?

OdinGungir asked for clarification:

What exactly do you mean can we choose different characters? like between marcus,dom,anya,and sam or some tottaly different people?

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bluedragon619 answered:

You cannot change who the game sets you as, player 1 will always be the lead character, e.g Marcus, Cole, player 2 will always be second in command e.g Dom, Baird, there is no way of switching between characters
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jrstubbies1 answered:


You can't change players in Gears Of War 3. But however in chapter two (I think) you get to play as Cole, if you are playing co-op player 1 will be Cole and player two will be baird.
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jrstubbies1 answered:

sorry i meant to say in act 2, also you can be Anya in the last 2 or 3 acts
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