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Save files corrupted or inaccurate?

I got the game the day it came out.
Played it offline til chapter 4.
Logged in.
Lost save file ENTIRELY on login.
Started again.
Got to the middle of chapter 3.
Turned off the console at a point after a checkpoint.
Then, when I resumed later, I was at the start of chapter 2?
What the hell?


PhilR1 answered:

I had the same problem. I think it was the update that did this. I got Gears of War 3 early and didn't play whilst connected to Live. A day after release, I connected to Live to put my code for Adam Fenix in from collectors edition and there was a 2 meg update. As soon as I next loaded up the game, it said the save was corrupted.

Don't worry though. Your save is still there. Just go to arcade instead of standard campaign on the chapter you're on and then go back ot main menu. You will then be able to go to your campaign again in standard mode. If it does still say it is corrupted you can still choose that save and go back to yoru campaign.

It's definitely the update that caused it because I was fine beforehand.
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clouths answered:

I had the same problem, after I researched a little I found that if you got the game before the 20 the update may corrupt your data, but I also bought the game the 20th and my game was at the beginning when I already was on chapter 3, but what I found was that instead of selecting continue on story mode, go to select chapter and you should have your saved data file 1,2 and 3 the 1st should be where (in your case) at the start of chapter 2, and the other 2 might just appear to have nothing but select them and it would show where you left which if I understand is chapter 4, hope it helps please forgive my english its not my native language but hope it helps
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