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Asked: 3 years ago

Wierd bug in Act 3 Chapter 1?

I was fending off the locust at the front of the base, and when Marcus yelled that grapplers were coming up, I shot a hook off of the wall, near the right side. I eventually killed everything on the map, and all of my team stood idle together by the door. No new enemies were spawning. Curious, I restarted from the checkpoint. The restart never completed - I left it processing for about 2 mins before dropping back to the 360 menu and restarting the game.

This time I didn't shoot the hook, and eventually the siege beast came. When he blew up the gate, there was a short cutscene of locust running in, and then the screen went dark. I could hear the background firefight, but no video. I could pause the game, which brought up the menu screen. Attempting to restart checkpoint did the same thing. I rebooted to the OS once more. This whole process happened one more time.

I finally turned the damn thing OFF. That seemed to fix it. Ideas?

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Errrm, yeah that sounds like a bug all right, so what exactly is the question?

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Never had that happen to me, but 360 games get a decent amount of updates so it should be fixed sometime in the future

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This is a common bug but will propably be fixed by EPIC in a future update due to their dedicated servers.

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