Question from RenegadeWolf832

Why dont i have all my beta unlocks ?

Ok i played every week of the beta unlocked all the flaming skins and all i have is my retro flaming skin and i dont have it all the time when i start its locked and after a few games i get it can someone tell me whats wrong with this thing ?

Chuchkill27 asked for clarification:

Yea, my friend gold gold retail retro but he can't use it. (I also got golden sawed off but I didn't do the requirements)


KiiNGxKiiller answered:

same happened to me. i had almost all unlocks from the beta, but i played without them. the next day when i loaded GOW3, all the unlocks came up. just try restarting your xbox.
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Kevinruby answered:

It doesn't work the first time just go to the dashboard and start the game up again and you should have everything that you unlocked in the Beta.
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Zhentharim answered:

There's some issues with skin unlocks not registering properly. Epic will release a patch to fix these, so just make sure you meet the requirements and sit back for now.
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acidfiend23 answered:

Did you get a new console?
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