Question from Sierra_113

Asked: 3 years ago

Will Beta unlockables be up for purchase on the Marketplace?

I was unfortunate enough to be unable to play the beta, and I'd be pretty bummed if Epic didn't at least put the unlockables on the marketplace. Does anyone know if Epic plans on releasing them this way?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I don't only mean weapon skins; I'd really like to unlock the Cole Train, and hopefully some pre-order characters, like Adam Fenix.

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Yes but only flames guns you can it is 3600 microsoft points 3600=50$ its alot but it comes with all skins for weapons like rainbow and blood and gold etc. im going to get it it is a very good deal

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Srry 3600=45

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No flames and gold retro will not be on market. Epic forums even states that. Beta only

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THATS ODD?? then why do i see people on ebay selling codes with actual cardboard pieces with the rip off tab, for the flaming weapons individually,and one for the beta cole train on EBAY??? they have to be real he has a 100% rating??? hhmmmm?

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