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Just your opinion. What do you think of the sawed off ?

I think it is annoying. What is your opinion?

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It's good if you know how to use it. I use it against Butcher size enemy's in hoard or to get quick kills in versus.

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What BPK said is pretty well a good sentiment. in my opinion it depends on the mode. I think its kind'a cheesy for verses matches since its a universal 1 hit kill. all someone has to do is run up..shoot once..your dead. I think those kind of things should be better left to one shots or mortars..that being said..its very effective in the early waves of horde mode for as BPK said..boomer family class (flamers, boomers, diggers, maulers and grinders) as one shot will kill them. now after wave depends on where you shoot them..head area still sometimes one hit kills..otherwise it takes more than one shot..and since wave 10+ the enemies get harder..its uh..bit of a pain if you dont land that 1 hit kill. personally I dont like them.

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Most people i hear online always complain about it. I have used the sawed-off in the beginning of my versus career but now i stick with the Gnasher. I personally don't have a preference about it but I find it funny that some of the developers of Gears3 actually said themselves that the sawed-off is a noob weapon.

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It's a fine weapon if you've got skills in close combat - meaning that you now how to evade attacks of other players. New player won't be able to use it properly. As for defending against it: the easiest way is to shot the guy who uses it from distance using lancer/retro lancer respectively for long distance/close distance(but not so close to be valnerable to the sawed-off). As for the last moment defence: it's best to roll away or behind a player - that's the most effective way of evading being shot as rolling sideways may end up you being shot mor often.

I don't complain for including it in gow3 becouse it's easy to kill someone who depends on it too much in head on combat.

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I like both but the gnasher more i use it if i get frustrated then i catch myself sticking with it lol

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Its good in shot gun battles and you dont have to aim but the slow re lowed and short rang is terrible.

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I personally dont like it cause it takes too long to reload and you have to be right next to someone to be effective.I always seem to find a better second weapon thats more effective.Having it just to one shot a savage boomer doesn't seem worth it to me.

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But who knows it could be my favorite weapon in a few weeks.

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The Sawed-Off is a High Risk/High Reward weapon.

The perks of it are that it has ridiculous spread and power.
The downsides of it are it's ammo capacity (like 6 shots MAX on horde and Versus, 12 on campaign.), it's horrendous reload speed (like 2 or 3 seconds with a perfect active reload) and it's incredibly short range (to do ANYTHING with this weapon you've gotta get in someone's face.).

Reward: You have one shot that will kill most anything in it's general direction.
Risk: You have to "Stand in the Fire" to get the most out of it, and if you miss, you probably won't live to do it again.

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