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How do you do certain finishers on people who are down and crawling?

Is it possible to do certain finshers on people who are downed and crawling or do you have to get lucky to do the finisher you want?


KristyKitty answered:

it depends on the finisher, and what mode your playing. your able to do any execution in the campaign, but past that you have to "unlock" the executions by killing X mobs with that weapon. All of this can be found in the Stats & Awards section, 3rd tab under executions. the exception is beating the snot out of people and the curb stomp. holding the Y button will get the ground beat (or arm detachment if your playing a locust) where as tapping the Y near a downed opponet will result in a curb stomp. but again outside of the campign, you have to unlock the executions by killing with that weapon before you can actually DO the executions. That being said you can get credit for the execution in ANY mode. (Verses, Horde, or Beast).
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KristyKitty answered:

To add a quick note..the execution performed also depends on the weapon your currently equipped with.
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jrstubbies1 answered:

1: For the weapon executions you have to get a certain amount of kills with that particular weapon.
2: To curb stomp press Y
3:to take them as a shield press X
4:To kick them in the face press b
5:If you are the COGs and you go up to a downed enemy and hold Y then you will start to beat them to death (Keep pressing Y for a longer point bonus)
6:If you are the Locust and you go up to a downed enemy and hold Y you will rip their arm off (also if you keeping pressing Y you will get a point bonus)
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RPG_king11 answered:

To get most weapon finnishers you have to get a cirtin amount of kills with that weapon. to know how much check you unlockables section.
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