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Where can i find the silverback or the automatic turrets in horde 2.0??

So my brother and I have been playing horde mode but we cant find the silverback mech/automatic turrets. are they level specific? and how exactly do u unlock the next upgrade?

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Zhentharim answered:

First you have to unlock them to be able to even purchase them. This means you have to spend enough money on Decoys so that they reach level 3 so you can get Automatic Turrets, and you have to get Barriers to level 7 so you can have access to the Silverback.

Every map has its own fortification layout. When you purchase a command post, you get access to the fortifications around it that belong to it. What this means is that some command posts might not have Automatic Turrets, or Decoys, or Turrets, because these vary. As for the Silverback I beleive its always available (so long as you have it unlocked) somewhere in the map, most times around the middle.
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StealthShot1906 answered:

Both the Silverback and the Sentry turrets are unlocked by leveling up your fortifications. If I remember correctly for Sentry Turrets you need to level up the Decoy to lvl.3 and for the Silverback you need to level up Barriers to lvl.7.
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StealthShot1906 answered:

Oh, sorry to level up a fortification you have to spend enough money on it.
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AlphusUltimus answered:

Silverback costs 12,500 points. It comes with infinite ammo, but no rockets during stationary mode.
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okami5436 answered:

You must first unlock the ability to build them by leveling up your other fortification levels and then they will appear.
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darthcid answered:

All fortifications are unlocked by leveling up barriers only. If you go to the war journal (stats and awards), on the first screen navigate to horde, it will show you how much experience is needed to unlock, then level up fortifications.
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GeorgePeashootr answered:

There was something about a dlc letting you upgrade a silverback with teh rawkets!!!!
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