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Missing some executions, despite having all of the executions unlocked?

Apparently, I don't have an internet connection.. After unlocking all of the weapon executions, I've noticed that I'm missing some executions.. like the arm rip, and the scorcher execution. Instead of the Locusts doing the arm rip, it does the COG punching, and the scorcher execution, instead of lunging the weapon into the hapless victims' stomach and letting them breathe fire silly, it does the gorgon execution using the scorcher. I figured that either this is a glitch or I'm missing a patch/title update.. that an update via LIVE would cure. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to download a title update somewhere outside of LIVE, let's say through a laptop, burn it or put it in a USB/flash drive and do a gears 3 title update manually instead of going through xbox LIVE? An answer would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys! :))

okami5436 asked for clarification:

How long haven't you had an internet connection? There was an update that needed to be downloaded when I first put in the disc so you might not have it.

traxonova provided additional details:

I'll go try that then.


drag969 answered:

Epic already released a patch that fixes the bugs connected with executions. You just have to connect your xbox to live and download the newest patch (i'll ask you as soon as you run the game). Any connection should work - you can take xbox to a place where you have access and download it. Even the slowest connection will work.
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Zhentharim answered:

To add to what others said, there have also been reports that switching the gore filter or whatever it was in the options (to make the game less nasty) changes some of the executions. You could also look into that, althought I can't confirm if any of this will work.
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