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Ribbons not working?

Sorry if someone already posted a similar topic. Does anyone know why or has had the same problem of Gears 3 not giving you ribbons anymore? I have tried Versus, Horde, and Beast and I am receiving no ribbons for things I should be getting like: Combat Engineer, FIFO, Coup De Grace, and many more.


rincewind1990 answered:

Are you doing it solo? In Horde and Beast you don't get ribbons unless you have at least one other person playing with you (Even it it's just a second controller which doesn't do anything). if you're playing local Versus rather than MP then you need at least one person one your team (and two on the other i think).

If you're playing online then it's probably a glitch. The only thing i can suggest is just turning of your xbox and try again later to see if it's sorted it'self out but it's not happened to me so i can't say for sure if it'll work.
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Zhentharim answered:

For Versus private matches, make sure you Fill the room with bots. You should get ribbons that way.

Rincewind1990 nailed everything else. I've also noticed there's a glitch, that after some time of playing the ribbons won't pop up as you get them, but they will still be there at the end match screen, so you're still getting them. If this annoying you, turn your xbox off and back on.
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siege924 answered:

Combat Engineer only unlocks in Horde mode. FIFO and Coup De Grace only unlock in Versus. For the Horde ribbons, you have to do them with at least one other person. For versus, try filling the lobby with bots on Casual and you should be fine.
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Crunchyz answered:

For Versus ribbons (and Medals), just create an online private match, fill it with bots, set em to Casual, and just start killin junk. Easiest way.
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