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Asked: 3 years ago

Anyone get the retribution ribbon?

I got a bunch in the beta, but now I can't get even one. Am I missing some new requirement for it?

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Are you killing your nemesis (has to kill you 5 times)?

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Get killed by the same user or bot 5 times and then kill him

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Epic is looking into this medal, they say it is alot harder to get than what they had planned so they will retweak it. I suggest you ignore this medal untill the changes go live.

If you really want to boost it, I recomend you use a second controller. Have your second account kill you 5 times, and then execute him. You could also have a friend help you... or a bot, but I wouldn't recomend this last method.

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once you have a nemesis, you have to kill, NOT EXECUTE (i.e. meatshields, curbstomps, and executions). kill your nemesis any way you want other than executions and you should get it, executions count toward the vengeful medal if that's what you confused it with, that's how I got confused

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Plug in a second controller and start a private match with full bots on casual(match has to be full to unlock ribbons). Put the second controller on the opposing team and use the second controller to kill yourself five times in a row. Then, take over the first controller and hunt down your second player. Down and execute him. Ribbon unlocked.

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