Question from kev09

Battle music?

While I was playing versus, Mad World started to play in the back ground. Why was it playing?


bishop27c answered:

Were you playing Wingman? I noticed that when my team was COG's, "Mad World" would play. Maybe just a little incentive to play different modes of Versus and could be due to domination from your team
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jrstubbies1 answered:

If this is on gridlock it's because you didn't destroy any of the sand people.
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Zhentharim answered:

Its an easter egg. If you can go a round without destroying any of the Ash People, Mad World will play in the next round, should there be one. You will also notice the moon is alot brighter, and everything looks more blue.

For this to take place, all of the players must Not destroy any of the Ash People. Respect the dead, will you.
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