Question from Chance724

Everything reset?

I was playing with friends and when i quit i was lv 43 but when got back on iwas lv 1 and ribbons/medals were gone. But the leaderboards show my stats when i was 43 and player data was also overwritten. Is there anyway 2 get my rank back or am i screwed?


TrevorJenks92 answered:

You're screwed, that happened to my friend in gears 2, he had to start over from lvl 1.
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dario1101 answered:

That happened to me once and it happens when you turn off your xbox without quiting the game
must have sucked since you were a high level.
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73shane73 answered:

Same b.s. happend to me in march just before "forces of nature" dlc was released....and no im not a f-ing cheater......thats a myth thats not true or proven!! i was equal to level 145, all onyx's silver's gold's ribbons mutators,weapon skins, etc.. alll bye bye......anyone know how to get a phone number to epic's help desk??? all the info i lost is supposed to be stored in thier server......its a simple fact of computer science.....anybody know?? i tried the whole delete and re download profile crap....when i was getting the walk-thru from xbox live help hotline....diddnt work!!! im sorry but 6-7 months of work all for nothing pure bull crap!!!!...just saying...
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