Question from Masterchief5525

How to beat the queen on 4 player insane arcade?

We have active reload on but aside from that nothing else. We hit her 5-6 times with the hammer then she finally started going onto the tower and hit her 1-2 times with the hammer when she was off but still didn't kill her and the guards/shriekers made it a ton harder.


aghwd answered:

Try using mutators.
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Zhentharim answered:

There's a known bug that makes the theron guards spawn indefinitely, which makes it alot harder to survive.
As for the queen, while she's down and asking for the Hammer of Dawn, you can use this time to resupply or cleanup, before restarting the fight with her. When she's on the tower, just make sure you shoot Tempest in the glowing sections on her back.Also, some people say that the Retro Lancer does more damage and helps getting her off the tower.
The Super Reload mutator will help alot, you just have to be good enough at it to pull it off all the time, while positioning yourself so you don't get slaughtered by the queen/guards.
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Dr_HAX answered:

I had the same problem. Since you have the SAR (Super Active Reload) mutator, you don't need anything else (although the Inf. ammo mutator helps as well). It's harder to do it with more people than with AI's. So, go into a single player Arcade game, Insane of course, and do that level by yourself. It's easier than it sounds because you have the AI's watching your back most of the time. You can do the 4 player on another difficulty, saving you time.
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Kanemeate answered:

With 4 players it should be simple. 2 players focus on tempest when possible, the other two players are crowd control, focusing on taking down all the therons. if necessary, use three for crowd control but must have second to use against the queen when tempest attacks the tower. Above all, stay away from the Tempest's Death Ray!
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E_V_I_L42 answered:

Do what others have been saying with the reload mutator and with bots because they have a lot of damage resistance and are good distractions for the enemies. also there is a like gazeebo thing? idk but i think its where you start that mission and if you sit around the back of it, it makes a good cover and is really the only "safe" place. its a lot of luck also. good luck lol.
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73shane73 answered:

Idid it with 4 players,Using the Infinite Ammo Mutator,Super Reload,and Comet!!! it wasnt a sure thing right off the bat, it took several tries at it...under 10 i would think!!! But thats how i did it!!!!!
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