Question from tyranno83

Where can I find the facebook page for gow3?

Theres so many pages out there. Which is it so i can get Griffin?


Zhentharim answered:

> Open google
> Type 'gears of war 3 facebook'
> Look at first couple of results, pick the most interesting/reliable one
> It led me to Epics site
> This particular page announced you could get a code to unlock Griffin by following a link to the gears 3 facebook page and clicking a button

tyranno83, you can browse your way through gamefaqs to post this question, but you can't use google? Your brain.exe might be corrupted, you should look for a software replac- wait, you can't.
Come on man, you can do better than this. Stay sharp.
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GeorgePeashootr answered:

The websites useless to you they dont have any more arron griffin codes anymore.
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Paint3dHoriz0n answered:
Hope this helps, i dont think the griffin codes work anymore....but u could always give it a try
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