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What is the song during the wretch easter egg?

What is the song that plays a couple times in the story and more memorably for me during the wretch easter egg?

E_V_I_L42 provided additional details:

Yes i do mean the one in checkout but i know there is a song that does play (it comes from like the microwave or whatever, the last thing you put out) and its also playing from multiple radios in griffins tower.

E_V_I_L42 provided additional details:

And not mad world i know and love that song lol


Zuphix answered:

I don't know what you mean by the wretch easter egg, other than the one in checkout, but that does not play a song.
I assume you are thinking of "mad world" that plays when a spoiler related plot point occurs involving someone's death (act 3 chapter 5) and on gridlock when you finish a round without killing any ash people.
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