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New DLC-the command center won't work when I try to use it?

so I buy the command center, the match starts and I go to call in the sniper teams and some times the character motions and hits it and it works but other times I will be pressing X and it will say sniper teams are go but the character will just stand there and it won't trigger it. anyone know why/having this problem also?


bluedragon619 answered:

Yeah, the command centre is area specific, if theres no enemies in the area at the time then it won't activate, only thing i can think of
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Skyrim1012 answered:

It has to be at full health to work
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randomm82 answered:

bluedragon - not sure about the no enemies thing, cuz i've hit the button plenty of times and gotten no kills while using up the command center for that wave. by "area specific" maybe you subconsciously mean "map specific"... ive noticed that the HoD button doesnt work on some indoor maps like checkout and rustlung.

skyrim - not true at all. i've used severely damaged command centers with no issue.

to answer the original question - the problem might simply be lag, registering your controller input, but delaying the results in game. i've had that issue on occasion, pushing the button 3 or 4 times before it activates the command center and disappears. other than that, i have no idea.
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