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Asked: 3 years ago

Unable to get Cole Train even though i was in the beta?

i have every other beta thing that i did except for Cole Train. i have backed out to the main menu i have backed out to the dashboard and that did nothing, so what do i do.(i have flaming lancer and beta tester medal but not Cole Train it just says unlocked in beta and i don't get why i can't get him as a character because i participated in the beta obviously because i have flaming lancer and medal for being a beta tester so can some one tell me what to do?)

Additional details - 3 years ago

Oh i've just seen that you had to just played the beta i don't think i played 50 matches on beta i know i played more than 10 matches on beta

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Did you play the required matches as Cole Train in the beta?

50 matches to unlock him and another 10 matches as Cole Train to unlock him on the retail.

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If you still have the Gears 3 Beta, you can try what is suggested on the link.

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How do I get the beta?

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You can use any character (exept pre-orders) in System Link (including Cole Train).

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