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Asked: 3 years ago

I need help now?

I just hooked up to live and i like playin this game but i dont no what i need to play the extra live things like boom snipes or any other 1s. can some1 tell me if i neeed ramms shadow or the fenix rising map pack to play it.

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Right now you need the booster pack that is free and fenix rising map pack and you'll be able to play anything you want.

However, on the 27 of march the next dlc (The fourth) is coming out which has about 5 new maps in it so you may have to get that when it comes out in which case you might want to consider getting the season pass which lets you get all four of the dlcs at a 30% discount (Compared to what you'd pay if you brought everything individually).

Please note that i haven't heard anything about the fourth dlc being necessary to play all game types so you might get away with just having the booster pack and fenix rising.

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