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What is Re-Up?

Under weapon skins there are some skin sets for doing something called a Re-Up. What is a Re-Up?

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rincewind1990 answered:

It's the same as prestiging in COD: MW. once you get to lvl 100 you can go to stats and awards and press 'X' so long as you have the Fenix Rising DLC.

This will bring your level back down to 1 but it will be green the first time you re-up (Red the second and blue the third), you will weapon skins and an achievement the first and second time you do it. Nothing else gets reset but if you are close to getting seriously 2.0 and you re-up you'll have to get back up to level 100 before you can get the achievement.

That said there is no reason not to re-up unless you are only a couple of medals ways from 3.0. Any xp you earn after you reach 100 is lost as it does not carry over.
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