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Backup data please answer!!!!?

I have a backup of my gears 3 data on cloud storage but do i need to update it in any way? I've seen many people deleting their backup and re doing it again to update it. But when i use my cloud save it is usually in sync with the data. For wxample if my hard drive save has me as level 96 in gears 3 and if i then select my cloud save it will come up as level 96. Should i do what everyone else does and delete it and save a new one again or is my way ok?

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Sorry spelling mistake, i meant "example".

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I think that if you get rank reset and you fix it by using your cloud save it will take your stats from the time you saved but i'm not 100% sure. I've heard that if you simply select cloud storage and play one match it will get updated and overwritten but when i make a backup i delete it and create a new on just to be safe.

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