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Have developers of multiplayer lost their marbles and think matchmaking is great?

Do developers think that removing the ability to view list of all matches and letting the player select the match that suits them best in favour of dumb dumb matchmaking that doesn't seem to work unless there are thousands of players. PLEASE MAKE MATCHMAKING AN OPTION TO THE GAMER NOT THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY ONLINE AND PLEASE BRING BACK DISPLAY AVAILABLE MATCHES LIST SO WE AS INTELLIGENT ADULT GAMERS CAN HAVE SOME CONTROL OVER THE GAMES WE JOIN / HOST. LIKE R6 VEGAS 1&2 WITH SIMPLE PING RATING 1 RED UP TO 3 GREED DOTS FOR GREAT CONNECTION.


rincewind1990 answered:

I'm not sure why you put this here. The answers section is to ask for help regarding an issue you're having but you're making a request to the game developers to change a major part of their game to something that as far as i can recall was never part the Gears series though I do admit that i did not play much MP of Gears 1&2.

If you want to complain about an aspect of the game head over to the boards and vent your anger there or better yet go to epic forums and make a suggestion there and who knows, they might listen to you but the chances of them changing the entire matchmaking system are slim to none unless it's broken to the point where no one can play at all.
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