Question from kimmet67

How does the Hammer of dawn work?

How do you reload it, how do you fire it, and why doesn't it work against the Queen/


rincewind1990 answered:

You don't reload it, you have to pick up a new one.

To fire it you hold down the trigger and a laser pointer will show where the beam will land. Keep holding it down and it will fire.

You can't use it all the time against the queen only when you have damaged her flying bug and it's one the ground.
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RayneLatios answered:

The Hammer of Dawn can only be recharged by picking another one up, you fire it by aiming and holding the shooting button/trigger and wait as the solar rays align ( cannot be used in a building, it requires an open sky), and it works only on Queen Myrrah ( campaign) when you shoot the Tempest (the floating monster she's on) enough to where it's weakened and on the ground. In multiplayer, the Queen dies easily as any other character.
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