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Multiplayer online host based?

Has GoW stayed host based for online play or is there a new setup that better equals out the playing field? Last I played GoW online was the first and host shotty was an insane advantage.

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This time around they're keeping with dedicated servers. There will still be a 'host' per se, but he isn't going to have a ridiculous boost, mostly the host will act like a figure head as all the players in the game form one party together and link to a dedicated server, that way if the host drops out/rage quits, the game isn't over as the dedicated server will select someone new as host.

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The host always quits the game i havnt played a full 2 acts without the host quiting and sending me back to the main menu.

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The stting is like this:

online campaign - hosted by a player
versus matches - hosted on dedicated servers
private versus matches - hosted by a player
horde - hosted by a player
beast - hosted by a player (but i'm not 100% sure about this one).

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