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Asked: 3 years ago

When does the Adam Fenix code expire?

I bought a regular edition but I want to upgrade to a Limited or Epic edition when they get cheaper

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It should be good as long as no one else has used it...... As far i as i can tell codes don't expire

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I'm not sure about the Adam Fenix code as I used mine as soon I bought my collectors edition.

Some codes DO need to be downloaded within a certain timelimit though.

I bought the Dragon Age : Origins collectors edition and decided not to download the extra quest and character (Stone Golem) until my second run which was just over a year later. I tried to put the code in but it didn't work. After checking the very small print at the bottom of the code sheet, it said there was 12 months to put the code in. I missed it by 3 weeks.

If I were you, as soon as you get your collectors or epic edition, put the code in there and then just to be safe. If you haven't got Xbox Live, just take your console & hard drive round to a friends house who does and download it that way.

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THe commando dom code expires 12/31/11 the adam code mite run out not sure.

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Whats the adam code. Give me the #s.

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