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Map Secrets?

So I know in Thrashball you can shoot the scoreboard down by shooting the cable after it drops lower during the game. I know in Checkout you can pull the fire alarm and an alarm starts blaring.

I thought in in Trenches there was a box you could shoot down in the middle of the map for some extra cover, but I haven't figured out how to down it since beta finished.

Anyone know how to bring that down and if there is any map secrets I am missing?

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Ok. Thanks for the tips man. I had no idea about the ones you posted.

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In check out, if you set off the fire alarm you can go to the area where the malcher spawns and at the double doors in the back you can see a breakable box between the open doors. if you break this box then you can pick up a fire extinguisher.

In gridlock if no one destroys one of the ash people ion round 1 then 'Mad World' without lyrics will play for about 50s.

that's all i can think of right now, not sure if there are others.

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I think thats all of them..between the OP and Rince's answers..I dont think you can shoot the box in the trenches..even though it looks like you can. I think the trenches special is the sandstorm.

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You can't shoot the box the crane is holding in trenches.

In Mercy, if you wait 6 minutes, the bells will play the Gears theme, and a picture of Dom and Maria will appear in the churck by the altar, against the window. If you shoot it... you can hear Dom cry, and say "I love you". Its very sad if you have any connection to the characters.

In Checkout, like ricewind1990 said, you can get the fire extinguiser, but the quest continues. I don't have all the details memorized or have done it myself, but if you keep putting out fires and doing other specific things, like some sort of quest, eventually you will get to a point where you can see a Dancing Wretch, wearing a Tophat and Griffins Rod from the campaign. Then a smoke bomb goes off, the wretch disapears and leaves behind the hat and the rod.

On gridlock you can get the Mad World instrumental to play in the next round if you and everyone else can go a round without destroying any of the Ash People.

I have a feeling I'm missing something, but probably not. Check the Cheats tab here in gamefaqs and read the Easter Eggs section.

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There is more like pig roast in gridlock but its required that you kill an ash person to get it
Lambent chicken cluckshot,sawed off chicken so many chicken related easter eggs i wonder how they find that humerous...

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Whats the sawed off chicken???

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