Question from blackr0se69

Asked: 2 years ago

Unlocking command center?

I can't seem to unlock command centers. i have level 8 fences level7 decoy level 7 turrets level 7 sentry and level 3 silver back. but it is not unlocked i also have the dlc

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From: xeXoheADx 2 years ago

To unlock sentrys moonkill3, you need to reach level 3 in decoys, and to unlock command center you need to spend $360,000 in game cash in hord on turrets...

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not quite sure, I unlocked command center during middle of horde match but didnt pay attention to why I unlocked it.I have same problem as you as I can build everything with high levels but for some reason i cant unlock sentry

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Yeah thanks xexoheadx,was playing horde today and kept buying decoy stuff and sentry unlocked

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Level 8 Turrets unlocks command center.

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