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Asked: 2 years ago

Chrome Hammerburst??

i have the "Dirty, Dirty Hoard" achievment from GOW 2, but no hammerburst? Why has it not kicked it that i have the achievment?

BTW I don't have Xbox live, if it matters, but im not sure it does.

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I have the chrome hammerburst. I`m not sure if you need Xbox LIVE or not (I have LIVE). It could be that your disc is messed up, there are a lot of people that can`t play because of the disc of Gears of War 3 becoming damaged or something when they were made. But as of right now Microsoft is working on fixing the problem. Hope this helps.

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To answer your question. yes you do need xbox live to get chrome hammerburst
hope this helps

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To expand on painted horizon's answer: The skin's only apply during online play. AFAIK, there's no way to use them in offline campaign.

Sucks for those who don't like paying for xbox live, but these shooters are ALL geared towards online stuff. Has been ever since this gen came out.

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Ok joegt123, you are wrong.. you can use skins in offline too. because i dont have gold live. I just had to update the game and then I got my skins, acheivements, etc.. You are right that you cant use them in the campaign, but i play on Checkout and other maps with bots to level up and i always get my ribbons and medals and mutators. So to bryce_speed, just create a free account if you can (which will give you 30 free days of gold) and update all your games.. hope this helped.

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