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Asked: 2 years ago

Bullets dont hit?

Sometimes when playing online i come upon a oppent and i shoot them point blank and they dont die but also that noise comes up like i was trying to shoot at someone who just spawned why does that happen?

Additional details - 2 years ago

This happened on the new map artillery and was far from the spawns it was were the digger is

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The noise means spawn protection and they are invincible for a few seconds. Its to stop people from spawn killing. The only problem is that the person that just spawned can still shoot the other player.

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If you were near a spawn area, the player might of just spawn and ran out meanwhile still having spawn protection.

Which map(s) did this happen and at which location of the map if you remember the spot?

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1) KOTH has multiple spawns spots and that might of been one.

2) Other than KOTH, it may be do to lag. There might been some data lost. P2P - at the time the data between you and the host weren't communicating correctly. Dedicated servers - May go smoother but there is still some data lost or timing be off at times. Servers maybe saying you missed.

3) There maybe invisible walls at certain points. For example, In one of the spawn area in Drydock has a spot that seems to have an invincible wall.

4) You hit your teammate or a wall. Even if they are to your left, right or hugging your back it seems that it hits them. You can try it. Try to aim and have the other person to move around you other than in front and you see a X on your site.

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