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(Spoiler Question, Ending Sucked?) 12
Ability to turn off gore? 5
Arm Rip Execution in Gears 3? 1
Bots on Horde? 1
Can I still get the season pass now? 3
can we play 4 players coop offline in one television in GEARS OF WAR 3?? 8
Can we play as Samantha and Anya in campaign mode? 3
Can you control the behavior of AI teammates in Campaign? 1
Can you play 2 player splitscreen coop in this? 2
Can You use Mutators to Unlock other Mutators? 3
Change Co-op Splitscreen difficulty in game? 3
Cole`s hat? 2
Do u need live in order to play Ramms Shadow? 2
Do you have to complete horde in one session for the onyx medal? 1
Event Calender? 1
Gold Weapon Skins? 4
Has anyone read the books?? 1
Help chatting during multiplayer? 2
Horde map pack question? 1
Horde? 1
How do I unlock the golden hunter? 2
Is Bernadine Unlockable? 8
Is it possible to view other peoples stats? 1
Is their going to be a beta or demo before the date of release for xbox 360? 4
multiplayer unlockables - are they usable on any machine I play on? 1
Offline ribbons and medals??? 1
Seriously 3.0 acheivement? 2
Silverback on horde? 6
Skunker? 2
To the Beta testers.Unlockables? 2
Unlocks from previous gears help? 2
Vehicles? 3
What does the Impossible weapon skin set look like? 2
What game modes count towards earning medals? 4
What is Re-Up? 1
What is the Best Primary Weapon in Gears 3? 9
What is the easiest way to get the gold medic medal? 1
What's the easiest way to get the mutators? 2
What's the trick with Combat Engineer ribbons? 4
What's with the new Tac/Com? 5
Will different colored guns be available for online use? 10
Will this have offline and bots like GoW2 ? 1
Will you be able to choose the character you play as in co-op campaign? 4

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