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Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Anyone get the retribution ribbon? 5
Can i use a silverback with rockets without the horde comand pack if somone with the pack buys it? 1
Chrome Hammerburst?? 4
Horde Command DLC, is it free? 1
How does the Hammer of dawn work? 2
Is it possible to get Beta content (weapon skins, characters, medals, etc.) anymore? 1
Need Help to beat beast mode on insane with out failing and some achievements?? 1
Onyx medal gone? 2
Skins? 4
What is the best way to get the pruner ribbon? 2
When does the Adam Fenix code expire? 4
Where can I find the facebook page for gow3? 3
Any 1 check maps for cleaver? 1
Cannot find blood drive? 1
Chrome Retro? 5
Cleaver Execution? 2
DBNO kick? 3
Do I have to buy the Silverback Rockets? 1
Glowing Snub pistols? 1
How can I use mutators in Horde mode Standard? 1
How do I get? 5
How do I unlock the Onyx Guard? 1
How do the weapon spawns for this game work? 1
How to unlock the playable character with the baseball cap on? 1
I cant get chrome Hammerburst? 1
I'm planning on buying the all wepon skin pack and I was wondering if it also has the in game skins too? 1
Infinite ammo mutator? 1
Missing COG tag #2. Bug problem? 2
Mutator unlocks? 3
Mutator(Freindly Fire) refusing to be unlocked? 2
MVP ribbons and Superstar Cole? 6
Retro lancer flame skin? 12
Special achievement weapons? 1
Tokens? 1
Unlockable skins, characters and weapons? 1
What are the exact requirements for the Combat Engineer medal? 1
What does the Command Center let me do? 1
Where can I find the parts for jack? 2
Where can i find the silverback or the automatic turrets in horde 2.0?? 7
Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Best sensitivity for support? 0
What is the best strategy for completing horde solo insane? 0
What is the best way to get the Onyx Big Money Medal? 0
Bullets dont hit? 3
Easiest way for Gold Investor medal? 1
Gears 3 multiplayer help? 2
How do i become a rambo ? 3
How do you do certain finishers on people who are down and crawling? 4
How to win a shotugun battle ? 2
In Execution Mode can I shoot a downed foe to execute? 2
Playing bad or playing better people? 1
Recommended Horde stage for level 50 achievement? 1
Tour of Duty Medal? 1
What is the best strategy for Foreshadowing achievement? 2
What is the best strategy for Unlocking Mutators Fast? 1
What is the best way to getting reflect kills with the Mauler? 1
Why am i playing like a big noob in gears ? 1
Anyone know how to get the No Smoking Ribbon? 1
Anyone... Help ? 3
Best Maps for insane Horde/Beast mode and tips? 7
Does difficulty have any affect on fortification leveling in horde? 2
Gears of War 3 ammo sharing? 3
How do I use a swallowed grenade/receive an "Indigestion" ribbon? 2
How do I use the different execution moves? 3
How do you host a co-op game? 1
How do you preform the rip arm exucution? 5
How to rank up fast? 3
In versus mode how do you spot an enemy? 2
Is horde even possible to beat with random people ? 4
NEED help with the longshot? 3
Offline beast mode? 2
Pop goes the weasel ribbon? 1
Weapon Executions? 2
What are the top ten tips for beating horde mode? 2
What Counts? 2
What is the best way to get an onyx medal in 1 of the 5 starting guns? 1
What's the deal with the Curb-stomp execution? 1
Other Help Answers
Where is gears of war 3 multiplayer stats saved? 0
(Cant kick players?) 1
(create your own question)My gears of war horde mode wont work? 2
(create your own question)What happon to the tokens on beast did they take them out or what than? 1
(Spoiler Question, Ending Sucked?) 12
Achievement problem with gears 1 and 2 and 3????? 1
Anybody?... 3
Anyone have any pre-order codes? 1
Battle music? 3
Can anyone help me get the Ivory Skin? 2
Can you play co-op in versus? 1
Chickens? 3
Command Center glitched? 1
Custom games? 1
Do you have to play the gears3 beta from the bulletstorm disk? Every time u play ? 1
Everything reset? 3
Exp. Mods? 1
Female Gears in Campaign? 3
Gears on XBox live? 2
Ghost Protocol Skin Question? 2
How do get the secret achiovement and what is it? 1
How do i prestige? 2
How do i sign in 2nd profile in co-op mode? 1
How do you do the barrel role over cover the bots do in multiplayer ? 1
How does the Horde fortification system work? 2
I forget how to use the special executions? 2
I need help now? 1
I played Insane Arcade before even beating the campaign...Will I be able to select Insane? 1
Is there ANY way to re-enter casual multiplayer? 1
Is this worth the money? 3
Just in Time ribbon help? 1
Just your opinion. What do you think of the sawed off ? 9
Lost my progress, What should i do? 2
Map Secrets? 5
Multiplayer online host based? 3
New DLC-the command center won't work when I try to use it? 3
Offline/online stats/unlockables? 1
Stats & Awards: Medals ? 1
Unable to get Cole Train even though i was in the beta? 2
Video for impossible mission? 1
What is multiplayer like in gears? 3
What is the song during the wretch easter egg? 1
Whats the song called that bodycount did for Gears Of War 3 horde 2.0? 1
Will Beta unlockables be up for purchase on the Marketplace? 4
Will there be a 5th dlc and if so when will it come out? 3
Xp percentage in campaign contributing to leveling up? 1
Ability to turn off gore? 5
Arm Rip Execution in Gears 3? 1
Bots on Horde? 1
Can I still get the season pass now? 3
can we play 4 players coop offline in one television in GEARS OF WAR 3?? 8
Can we play as Samantha and Anya in campaign mode? 3
Can you control the behavior of AI teammates in Campaign? 1
Can you play 2 player splitscreen coop in this? 2
Can You use Mutators to Unlock other Mutators? 3
Change Co-op Splitscreen difficulty in game? 3
Cole`s hat? 2
Do u need live in order to play Ramms Shadow? 2
Do you have to complete horde in one session for the onyx medal? 1
Event Calender? 1
Gold Weapon Skins? 4
Has anyone read the books?? 1
Help chatting during multiplayer? 2
Horde map pack question? 1
Horde? 1
How do I unlock the golden hunter? 2
Is Bernadine Unlockable? 8
Is it possible to view other peoples stats? 1
Is their going to be a beta or demo before the date of release for xbox 360? 4
multiplayer unlockables - are they usable on any machine I play on? 1
Offline ribbons and medals??? 1
Seriously 3.0 acheivement? 2
Silverback on horde? 6
Skunker? 2
To the Beta testers.Unlockables? 2
Unlocks from previous gears help? 2
Vehicles? 3
What does the Impossible weapon skin set look like? 2
What game modes count towards earning medals? 4
What is Re-Up? 1
What is the Best Primary Weapon in Gears 3? 9
What is the easiest way to get the gold medic medal? 1
What's the easiest way to get the mutators? 2
What's the trick with Combat Engineer ribbons? 4
What's with the new Tac/Com? 5
Will different colored guns be available for online use? 10
Will this have offline and bots like GoW2 ? 1
Will you be able to choose the character you play as in co-op campaign? 4

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