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How do you repair armor and weapons? 2
Where can I find (Mithril)? 1
How do i use the elfstones? 2
Does it have free roam? 1
Difficulty? 1
How do you change the game to easy??? 1
Force party items? 3
Gameplay problem? 2
Trophy/Achievement Questions ? 1
Do Bodies Stay Permanently? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 10
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Hero mode not activating? 0
Solid Shield/Broken Sheild? 0
How do I beat the Nordinbad orc champion ? 0
Where's my Orc Champion Sword? 0
Im stuck? 0
Game is stuck after the Citadel in Fornost! Won't proceed! Help? 0
Last Sons of Cardolan? 3
Character level resets? 4
What is the best and quickest strategy for killing thar'zog ? 2
Tharzog Overpowered? 1

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