• Achievements

    Can it really be that simple?You've got a chance to take out Jonah, the leader of the FDI. Don't blow it.25
    Good fellasMeilin Jun is a snitch and a traitor. Give her what she deserves.25
    Good GuysMeilin Jun betrayed the civilian resistance but if it's of no consequence to you, let her live.25
    Hit & MissComplete Chapter 8 on any difficulty level.50
    Men of the peopleEscort all hostages to safety.25
    Paging Dr WuDr. Wu is digging up some intel for you. Make sure he stays alive long enough to find it.35
    Pick a new faceThere are some bad ass masks lying around the city. Find one or two to change your look.15
    Train wreckedComplete Chapter 9 on any difficulty level.50

    Contributed By: Guard Master.