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Will there be a fear 4 and is alma's new kid going to be in it?

I played through as pointman, and he simply takes the baby at the end (unless i missed something)... this makes me ask; Will there be a 4th installment? Also, is alma's new kid a boy or girl?? I mean, alma and fettal may be "dead", but this isn't the 1st time, and alma sure as hell has enough power to come back once more......

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celticcrown answered:

There will be a fourth FEAR game. I recall reading a developer article that stated that 3 was not the last in the series. Unfortunately, I cannot find the article.
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Aouqess answered:

Possibly Maybe
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Genewo_Caboosh answered:

That is the Pointman's ending. If you play the game as Fettel, you get his ending. I haven't seen his ending, nor do I know which one is canon. I hope there is a F.E.A.R 4, and they bring back the scary.
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Ashadow016 answered:

I don't know if there will be a fourth game I hope. In Fettel's ending he possesses Point Man and devours Alma taking the child.
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