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How do I activate X-Factor?

Ok dont laugh at me or call me a noob or anything, I got this game from gamefly and it doesnt come with an instruction manual so I just need to know how to activate it

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sora_heart answered:

To activate X-Factor, you are asked to hit all the attack buttons at once. This means you must hit A, B, X, and Y at the same time if you are playing on the xbox controller. And remember, you can only activate X-Factor once a match ^_^
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espio907 answered:

To activate X-factor press the A button and X button at the sme time. if you do it right your character should have a red aura.
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PrinceRit619 answered:

Yeah espio907 is right but only on simple but for Normal operation mode sorry i dont have that infomation
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vTINMANv answered:

to activate x-factor you must hit the right trigger and A same time
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

vTINMANv is correct... I tested it for normal operation and it works
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HunterEmu answered:

It all depends on control type and control customization, basically though, just press all three attack buttons and the special/ air launcher button at the same time.
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shorty_99 answered:

Hit all the attack buttons at the same time.
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K1ngAce11 answered:

I have a 360 so if you have one i do this.
On normal mode press RT, A and X.
It lasts longer the less people you have.
Makes you're hits stronger
Regenerates your health in combat
Works on everyone simultaneously
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