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Mass Effect 1 and 2 Steam Import to Mass Effect 3 Origin?

I have played both mass effect 1 and 2 pc and have the save ready for mass effect 3. The problem is, i bought the two games on steam. Since mass effect 3 wont be on steam (Really, EA?), would mass effect 1 and 2 on steam port to mass effect 3 even thought mass effect 3 is on origin? I am pretty sure there wont be a problem but i want someone to answer that knows if it will work or not. This may influence my decision to wait for the steam version or not get the game at all.


locustactivist answered:

My friend said it worked for him so there shouldnt be a problem since mass effect 3 wont probiblly be seen on steam for a while lol its weird that theyd do 1 and 2 on steam then dump 3 on origin to
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Stilghar answered:

I was able to import my Steam ME2 characters with no issues.

You can't import directly from ME1 to 3, but the EA/Origin ME3 found my Steam ME2 save files automagically.
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djschreffler answered:

Doesn't matter how you get any of the games, all that matters is that you have the save files. In my case, I went fro Steam!ME1 to Origin!ME2 to Origin!ME3. Things worked just fine and dandy.
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