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Asked: 3 years ago

Before or after Sucide Mission?

Does it matter if you do missions before or after the Suicide Mission in ME2 for them beingcarried over to ME3? To clarify, I mean like Arrival, or the Shadow Broker missions.

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From: Diolki800 2 years ago

I'll answer this myself, since I've found a similar question that got a good answer. Not really, ME3 pulls your newest save from any ME2 games that have finished the Suicide Mission. As long as you do the DLC missions before importing, they will be considered complete.

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It shouldn't unless maybe you got Kasumi after the Suicide Mission. In that case it'll just be a small dialogue change I would think.

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It doesn't have any real effect, but it does have cosmetic effects. I do believe that if you complete Arrival after the suicide mission it Anderson mentions that you've talked to two Reaper, if you complete it before he says you've talked with 1 (as before Suicide you talk to the Collector General). I don't know about Shadow Broker but it's possible that there's something similar happening there.

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