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Does Promote in Multiplayer really effect the campaign?

Just like the question asks, does it really matter if you promote someone from multiplayer?
It says something like this unit will be at the front line, but does it really make a difference or can I still get the best ending without promoting?

sinalos asked for clarification:

I just promoted a character from multiplayer and I can't find any difference in single player so far. You get 10 N7 points on your ranking, but so far that's all I've seen, and makes it not worth it at all from what I can tell.

Accepted Answer

Jwall33 answered:

Promoting them also is supposed to increase your galactic readiness, but if you play multiplayer enough that doesnt matter. The galactic readiness determines what percent of your war assets will contribute to your ending. I got all best possible endings with out doing multiplayer (50% readiness) but i have an import from 1 and 2 and did all the side quests and fetch quests i could do, so i had a large amount of assets.
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st0n3ko1dk1lla answered:

Idk i play it alot i havent yet but no i dont think so.

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Epoch_harbinger answered:

The readiness does affect the ending since i had about 7000 war assets and without playing multiplayer it was about 35000 affectivley. 5000+ needed for "better" endings. unsure on promoting since i have serveral me2 character to import and i hate Biowares "default" choices....
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