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Asked: 2 years ago

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat/Volus Ambassador Issue?

For these Quests, if you have the DLC Characters from Mass Effect 2, Kasumi and Zaeed, then they are supposed to replace the NPC's in these two Quests. I have both of these Characters in the Mass Effect 2 Import File, but neither showed up during Mass Effect 3. Anyone know why this happened?

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I did complete their missions BEFORE completing Mass Effect 2, and they both survived the Suicide Mission.

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From: richiesusername 2 years ago

Also, the ME2 characters will not show up if you didn't earn their loyalty during ME2.

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Did they survive your suicide mission? Did you complete Mass Effect 2 prior to accessing Zaeed's and Kasumi's missions in ME2?

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Zaeed - Volus Ambassador sidequest after Cerberus attacks Citadel... Gets started with a mail from the Primarch.
Kasumi - Hanar diplomat. Speak to the Spectre Jondum near the... Spectre HQ.

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With most of the sidequests involving a ME2 character, you usually have to find them in the Citadel and speak to them before they'll show up in their relevant cutscene/quest. Not always, but it always pays to check all over the Citadel to make sure you talk to every character named on your Citadel map.

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I second richiesusername, u probably didnt get thier loyalty

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