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Is the ending final or will it be a cliffhanger?

Is the ending final or will it be a cliffhanger?


manic2 answered:

The guys who made the game said,before mass effect 1 even came out tha the story would be a trilogy and then no more.however,the game suceeeded way beyond what anyone expected even becoming somewhat of a household name.the net rumor is there will be a,im going with the ending will be cliffhanger.
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Pyrnstein answered:

The ending does contain a quick, hopeful scene. That is all I'll say about it.
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fallenangel2100 answered:

Would be cool if we get a dlc where we actually fight harbinger and choosing the destroy ending spares the geth if shep let them become self aware and merge ending lets shep fight the catalyst to not have to be vaporized but he just releases the prothean cypher in him and the mass relays dont blow up to make the galaxy synthoganic they just transfer the energy
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manic2 answered:

well,there is a bit that hints that a certain internet rumor may be trUe.
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levithan85 answered:

What is the internet rumor manic2?
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ninjamaster255 answered:

As to the rumor it is that the final sequence starting from the run is a dream sequence due to Indoctrination
go here for details
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jowriggley answered:

Possible Spoiler

The endings as they stand are 2 definite and 1 cliffhanger. However they all seem the offer more questions than they answer (and not exactly in a good way). The ending sequences are very short and say little about what happens.
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