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WHO is the ME 1 red head im after?

I started over on mass effect 1 to get who i thought was ashley in my group for ME3.but,when i started ME1,SHE was a brunette.the girl who was my gf was a red head.any ideas who that was?

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I have another idea.i met a red head dr,maybe a nurse.can i sign her up to be a normandy staff member?

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maybe it was heR

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Dawn_Reaver answered:

You are probably thinking of Yeoman Kelly Chambers. She was your assistant in ME2 on board the Normandy. If you didn't romance anyone else, you got a "romance" scene with Kelly dancing instead (I use quotes because this doesn't trigger the Paramour achievement). She dies on the Collector Base at the end of ME2 unless you go through the Omega 4 Relay as soon as you can to rescue the crew. If you do, she survives and can be found in the Docks: Holding Area of the Citadel. She doesn't rejoin you, though.
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Spacklecrack8 answered:

I don't believe there are any redheads romances in ME1. Have you played Dragon Age: Origins, you may be confusing Leilani with Ashley.
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Corvenik answered:

you maybe confusing ME1 with ME2 for chambers the chick near the galaxy map that took care of your fish
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