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DLC after the ending?


I hane not finished the game yet, but from what I have heard Shepard will not make it past the rank of Commander.

So my question is in 3 parts:

1. If Shepard is no longer in alive how will that effect future DLC?

A. Will it mean I have to save a previous file like ME1?

B. Will Shepard's demise be like that of ME2 and he gets a new body again?

C. Bioware has not thought that far in advance as they are like the Reapers. Only instead of wiping out Humanity, their plan was to create an ending where they could create unresolved DLC endings thus wiping out all our money.

Thanks in advance to all my fellow gamers that reply.

Accepted Answer

hyjinx17 answered:

After the huge outcrying of fans over the completely stupid endings (theres really only 1) Bioware is releasing alternate endings so we have to wait and see
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