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Modding Heavy Weapons for Mass Effect 3 ?

I am having a small problem I am hoping someone can help me with.

I have Modio 3 and Gibbs save editor for Mass effect 3.

Useing those I have modded the game to give me a crap ton of money as well as some guns like the Widow sniper rifle.

Now, I have the code ID for the Heavy Weapons M-320 Cain, but when I input it the gun does not appear. I don't get it.

The code is this: SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_Cain

I even changed my value from 0-1 to see if it would work. It has not.

For some reason I can't get the gun. Can anyone please help me, I want to play the game with the Cain and with a crap ton of shots with it to.

Stig101 provided additional details:

But that is why I am modding it. I saw that it works for the PC version of the game, but I have the xbox 360 so I am asking if anyone who modded the game has done something like this?

pyromite asked for clarification:

So you're hacking the game and complaining that something doesn't work.

Seems legit.

Stig101 provided additional details:

I'm not complaining about it not working, I am asking for help from people who have modded the game to possibly help me. There is a difference between the two.


NightmareVicent answered:

That guns was meant to appear only on a part of the game as a pick up gun. nothing more you wont be able to see it or use it anywhere else.
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