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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
***SPOILER**** Rannoch: Geth Base, Tali and Legion survival? Answered 3
*SPOILER* Why couldn't i use paragon om TIM? Answered 1
Aria:eclipse sidequest help please? Answered 4
Asari widow? Answered 1
Can I get back into Omega after the DLC story? Answered 1
Can I get Liara back? Answered 2
Can I put off doing priority missions and do sidequests? Answered 2
Can my teammates use overload and ill still get the achievement? Answered 1
Can't target anything with the Laser on Rannoch? Answered 4
Citadel Reunion Questions? (SPOILERS) Answered 1
Citadel: Hanar Diplomat/Volus Ambassador Issue? Answered 4
Does having a relationship with Miranda affect the relationship with Ashley? Answered 1
General Oraka and Blue Suns? Answered 1
Hades Nexus and Silean Nebula? Answered 3
Hanar Diplomat Quest timeout? Answered 2
How do i complete the 'help the mechanic' quest? Answered 1
How do I complete the Eden Prime Cerberus Intel side Quest? Answered 1
How do i complete the mission Benning: Evidence? Answered 4
How do I complete the mission with Kasumi in the Citadel embassies? Answered 3
How do I find Arias couch? Answered 1
How do I fix this relationship problem? Answered 4
How do I solve Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula? Answered 2
How long does it take for Reaper Awareness to dissipate? Answered 1
Is the Eden Prime DLC worth it? Answered 3
Mass effect 2 Dlcs affect the game? Answered 1
N7 Insanity Missions? Answered 2
Promoting MP character? Answered 1
Should I always interrupt people? Answered 9
SPOILERS* Did I get the best ending (**SPOILERS**)? Answered 5
The 2nd terminal for hannar diplomat mission? Answered 3
Too late to do Citadel Missions? Answered 4
We're Wrex and Mordin? Answered 2
When does the From Ashes mission kick in? Answered 2
Where can i get a list of all the main & side quest? Answered 1
Where do I find the artifacts ? Answered 3
Where is Jondum Bau? Answered 2
Which Missions count as N7 missions? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
Are Jack, Morinth and Legion the only characters that can show up as enemies? Answered 6
Can I get both Quarians and Geth w/o ME1 playthrough? Answered 4
Can i have 2 girlfriends? Answered 2
Dating? Answered 6
Does multiplayer actually affect the story? Answered 3
Galactic Readiness? Answered 3
How do I save grunt? Answered 1
How do you get Morinth in ME2? Answered 1
How do you prevent miranda from dieing? Answered 1
How many different endings are there? Answered 4
How to Get Best Endng? Answered 2
how to keep Zaeed alive? Answered 1
If Wrex died in the first game, will there be another squadmate to replace him, like Grunt? Answered 6
Illusive man dialog option? Answered 1
Is it possible to get the best ending without playing multiplayer? Please, no spoilers. Answered 2
Is ME2 dlc worth my time? Answered 5
Is the planet that the Normandy crashed on and the planet that the grandpa story teller was on the same? Answered 8
Is there a fourth option? Answered 2
Is there a Point of no Return ? Answered 1
IS this game open ended? SPOILERS Answered 4
Mass Effect 3 - Yeoman Kelly Chambers? (Spoilers? Maybe) Answered 6
Miranda Romance Help? Answered 1
Mordin as a squad member? Answered 4
No one left behind mentioned? Answered 1
Non-priority missions EXPIRING? Answered 5
Past Henchmen? (SPOILERS) Answered 3
Romance dialogue options? Answered 2
Romance with ashley and miranda? Answered 1
Romancing Tali? Answered 2
The Ending? (SPOILERS) Answered 1
What are the differences between ME3 and ME3 new game plus? Answered 2
What does vega call male Shepard after their 'dance'? Answered 1
What happens if you take sides in me1? Answered 1
What happens when... (possible Spoilers)? Answered 3
What if you die at the end of ME2?? Answered 3
What plot decisions carry over? Answered 1
When does diana allers ask you for second interview? Answered 2
When should DLC be played? Answered 1
Where Ashley go? Answered 1
Where is Morinth? Answered 1
Why are people saying the Mass Relays destroyed the galaxy? Answered 2
Why did an arrival of jack and thane not happen? Answered 2
Will anderson get his job back? Answered 1
Will you be able to convince this person? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
(Galactic Readiness 100% all around, what do i get?) Answered 12
*spoilers* I lost tali permanently from my party. what did I do wrong? Answered 2
About Romance? Answered 1
Achievements on Narrative? Answered 2
Anybody know if it is possible to get the paladin, m-11 wraith, and the black widow in 1 playthrough? Answered 3
Anyone know when there might be some more dlc missions out? Answered 2
Are there going to be any new teame members in the game? Answered 12
Ashley? Answered 2
Before or after Sucide Mission? Answered 3
Can i have man to man sex with james vega? Answered 5
Can you get the Shepard lives ending without playing online? Answered 1
Can your A. I. squadmates run out of ammunition? Answered 1
Carry over a continue character? Answered 1
Carry Over Romance? Answered 2
Carrying over romances? Answered 3
Changing appearance after import? Answered 1
Changing my Romance Partner? Answered 1
deleting dlc from ME2 after clocking ME3? Answered 1
Diana Allers romance not working - why? Answered 1
DLC after the ending? Answered 1
Do Any Of The Renengade Scars From Mass Effect 2 Import Over To Mass Effect 3? Answered 1
Do i have to play the game twice on insanity if i don't want to play gold online? Answered 1
Do I need to play the previous titles? Answered 2
Do upgrades transfer to new game plus? Answered 1
Does Pinnacle Station play a role? Answered 1
Galactic Readiness Rate? Answered 1
Getting Kasumi? Answered 1
Getting over 4000 war effort w/o multiplayer? Answered 1
Gun smith achievement ? Answered 2
Has anyone gotten the unwavering achievement on single-player? Answered 1
HELP me start over from mass effect 1 ? Answered 1
Hijacker? Answered 2
How can I save Anderson? Answered 2
How do I get to see Tali's face? Answered 1
How do I switch weapons in Multiplayer? Answered 1
How do you change the Galaxy at War percents? Answered 4
How do you confess to Garris? Answered 2
How do you keep ammo powers in multiplayer from disappearing? Answered 2
How do you unlock classes in multiplayer? Answered 1
How does keeping/Destroying Reaper Platform in ME2 effect ME3? Answered 1
How high total galatic score do I need for best ending? Answered 1
How to grab an enemy from behind a wall and kill them? Answered 2
I played ME2 DLC after completing the ME2 story? Answered 1
Invisible Systems? Answered 2
Is Bioware actually looking into the war asset "issue?" Answered 3
Is it possible to to map powers on multiplayer? Answered 1
is it true that Bioware is coming out with alternate endings? Answered 2
Is Shepard going to get hurt again? Answered 3
Is Tali and Kasumi going to be in Mass Effect 3 ? Answered 1
Is there a limit to the Multiplayer WA? Answered 1
Is there a way to remove the renegade scars like in ME2? Answered 1
Just wondering if it will work? Answered 2
Kelly Chambers back in ME2? Answered 3
Mass Effect 2 Deaths, Mass Effect 3 Consequences? "SPOILERS" Answered 1
Max Survivors? Answered 3
Multiplayer help? Answered 2
Multiplayer? Answered 1
New game+??? Answered 1
Relationships? Answered 1
Resetting Multiplayer Powers? Answered 2
Romancing? Answered 1
Should I play ME1 and ME2 before I buy this game? Answered 1
So, what's up with Multiplayer? Answered 3
Tali as a full time team member ? Answered 3
Traveling? Answered 2
What are Kaidan's abilities? Answered 3
What are the bonuses for ME2 Transfers? Answered 2
What exactly is a killstreak? Answered 1
What happens when you run out of fuel? Answered 1
What transfers from Mass Effect 2 to Mas Effect 3? Answered 8
What's the deal with reputation? Answered 1
Where are the mercenaries that supposedley join you? Answered 1
Where can I see my multiplayer characters as war assets? Answered 2
Where is the robotic dog? Answered 2
Which Characters are playable? Answered 2
Which part is james from? Answered 3
WHO is the ME 1 red head im after? Answered 3
Who the F**K is Grayson?! Answered 1
Why does the cooldown time for my powers triple during missions? Answered 1
Why my war assets are droping down? Answered 1
Will you be able to transfer your mass effect 2 character to this game? Answered 2
YES/NO Question can you free roam after the story is done? Answered 3

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