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Does anyone still play the multiplayer? *new* 0
Is there a infinite spawn glitch? 0
Why can't I use some of my friends DLCs? 0
2 day Gold pass help? 1
2 Day Online Pass length? 2
About a few logs on the Priority Horizon mission (?) 1
Am I screwed? 3
Am I the only one that didn't like this game? 5
Anyone notice that the shields for the Geth Juggernaut's Geth Turret are half what they are on the Geth Engineer? 1
Are the upgrades in liaras office aboard the normandy, near glyph, good for any armor you choose? 2
Are there any more unlockable's than the 1's i have gotten already? 1
Campaign characters? 1
Can anyone help with Bonus Power bug? 2
Can I get the achievements for using x ability 100 times on an enemy with allies? 2
Can I get the War Assets rating above "even?" 1
Can I give Shepard a dimple? 1
Can I import a ME2 save to ME3 more than once? 1
Can you have both the paragon and a renegade at its max at the same time? 2
Can you import a ME3 game save after you beat the game? Like New Game + but using ME3 save. 4
Code for normandy prop? 1
Cooperative game? 1
DLC Lancer in new game import? 1
Do I have to complete all available DLC missions to get Insanity and Unwavering? 1
Does not/finishing ME2 DLC impact your save transfer to ME3? 3
Does saying no to kaidan affect my paragon status? 1
Does the interactive comic in ME2 affect ME3? 2
Does Your Mass Effect 2 New Game+ Data or Normal Data Carry Over? 1
From ashes wont download wtf!? 2
Full Decision and game mode difference ?? 1
Grissom academy and Kaiden? 2
Help with getting good ems? 1
Help with the new patch?..... I cant play ME3 1
HELP! Do you have to have an EA account or online pass to play dlc? 1
How do I get the mission with Kasumi and the salarian started? 2
How do i learn other peoples squad powers? 1
How do i romance Ashley? 1
HOW many characters were there in mass effect 2? 3
How to get Geth and Quarians working together? Clarified 1
I screwed up the ending andneed help? 5
If I heal my scars in ME2, will they return again in ME3 if I go renegade? 1
If i started a mission, is it possible to go back to the normandy or the galaxy map to choose another mission? 1
Importing a ME2 character with an unfinished new game plus ? 2
Importing ME3 Career? 1
Insanity Achievement on second playthrough? 3
Is it worth levelling up ME2 character to import to ME3? 2
Is the detonation bonus on warp passive? 1
Jack relation? 1
Kaiden Maleshep romance option... HOW!? 4
Krogan Warlord glitch? 1
Looks? 2
Mass Effect 1 and 2 Steam Import to Mass Effect 3 Origin? 3
Mass Effect 2 Import? 1
Missing N7 Special Ops? 1
Modding Heavy Weapons for Mass Effect 3 ? 1
Multiplayer Unlock Behavior? 7
Need help with recreating my Import code. PLZ HELP?!? 1
New game plus import help! do me2 choices carry over in new game plus? 1
Newbie needs help-weapons board & upgrading powers? 1
Possible Teammates? 1
Question about classes? 2
random destructible items--Cyone? 1
Readiness Rating Problems? 2
Returning Crew skills? 1
Romance help?? 2
Second play through, changing roles??? 2
Special melee move? 4
Unwavering achievement help? 1
Weps level on 2nd run? 1
What are the reckoning characters in multiplayer mode? 1
What Happens If You Never Released Grunt? 1
What is the point of promoting? 5
What the heck is a quarian doll for? 3
What's the default play style when importing? 2
When does Galactic Readiness become relevant? 2
When does it use your military strength for the final choice? 2
Who is zaeed? 2
Why did my readiness rating drop to zero? 1
Xbox Live Profile, Multiplayer, and Ending Question? 2

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