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for some reason the tank doesn't die. I have shot the same tank with a molotov all 150 bullets in a m60 and my teammates unloaded on its ass. How long does it take to kill that darn tank?

Onyx3173 asked for clarification:

What difficulty were you playing? If it was an unusual amount of time you may have managed to glitch the tank and made it invincible. And could you specify which tank and where?

hugebid provided additional details:

We played on expert realism , Level the Port, and we were on our 2nd to last gas tank, but that dang tank did not die

hugebid provided additional details:

It was the only tank that showed up and we did our best to avoid it ,it chased me and didn't die

Accepted Answer

Wandrian answered:

It takes just under a minute and a half for a tank to burn to death with no additional damage, so you probably stumbled into one of those nasty invincibility glitches. Just try it again and you should be fine :)
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